Moment ‘psycho mother-in-law’ threatens to punch giant driver in comic road rage row


HILARIOUS video footage captures the moment a “psycho mother-in-law” threatens to lamp a driver in a spectacular road rage meltdown.

The woman holds her fist up to the massive man’s face and tells him to get out of the car while his passenger films the bizarre exchange.


At one point, the rampaging woman holds her fist up to the younger driver’s face – which causes him to immediately start cracking up[/caption]

It’s not clear why the pair started squabbling

The amazing clip, originally shared on Reddit, records the action from inside the car that the woman approaches.

It’s not clear what triggered the shirty confrontation, but the video starts with the large male driver yelling out of his window: “I said you’re a f*****g moron!”

A woman then comes up to him and says: “I beg your pardon? Get out of the f*****g car!”

She then opens the driver-side door and grabs hold of the motorist’s jumper, raising a fist up menacingly to his face.

But the driver, who is much bigger than his supposed attacker, bursts out laughing and asks incredulously: “What are you doing?!”

Responding to his mirth, she asks: “Oh, you think I couldn’t do it?”

He despairingly replies: “I don’t give a f**k what you do love, just get the f**k out of the way.”

And he rams the point home by telling her to: “Go away you f*****g psycho!”

The raging woman then takes his keys out the ignition, asking: “I’m a psycho, am I?”

With that, a passerby intervenes in the debacle and tells her to give the driver his keys back before the clip ends.

Online commenters piled on to share their amusement at the surreal incident.

One user captioned the clip: “Gran Theft Auto”.

Another added: “I could see my mum doing this.

“She thinks it is completely ok to hit people and be rude to them because she is a 70-year-old tiny woman, but god forbid they ever fire up back at her.”

And Nefilm777 wrote: “Road rage in the UK really does reach another level sometimes.”

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