Moment new bride is violently slapped in face by thuggish husband moments after their wedding when she teased him with cake


DISTURBING footage shows an abusive husband slapping his new bride across the face after she teases him with some wedding cake.

Filmed somewhere in Central Asia, the viral clip shows the unhappy couple feeding each other a sweet treat as guests snap pictures at their reception.

A thug slaps his wife across her face on their wedding day

The glum looking bride tentatively takes a piece of cake from her husband before putting it in her mouth.

But when she offers her spouse, who is dressed in a black suit with matching tie, she teases him by pulling it away from his mouth.

Clearly not amused, the thug hits his wife across the face prompting gasps from stunned onlookers.

The woman, who is wearing a tiara, is nearly knocked off her feet by the horrific blow.

She is then seen holding her face as the aggressive man is shown speaking to a male guest.

The agressive groom was unhappy when his wife teased him with wedding cake
The woman is seen holding her face in agony after the disgusting slap

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