Moment Five Men Armed With Metal Baseball Bats Attack Bmw As Terrified Child Sits In Back Seat


SHOCKING footage shows a gang of masked thugs destroying a BMW with baseball bats while a terrified little boy was in the back seat yesterday.

The yobs shattered the windows and broke off the side-view mirrors as it drove through a busy road in Blackburn, Lancashire.

Maa Riya / Facebook The yobs battered the side view mirrors and windows in the vicious attack on a busy street in Blackburn, Lancashire

Both the man driving and his five-year-old son were injured in what is believed to be a “targeted attack”.

Locals could be heard gasping in disbelief as the five men relentlessly battered the silver motor for at least 30 seconds.

The driver tried to get away from the onslaught but he was boxed in the junction by gridlocked traffic.

At one point, one of the baseball bat-wielding maniacs appears to stick the weapon through the passenger-side window.

Maa Riya / Facebook Both the man driving and his five-year-old son in the back were injured in what is believed to be a ‘targeted attack’

Lancashire Police said: “Police were called at about 6.20pm yesterday to reports that a number of men with weapons were attacking a BMW car in the Queen’s Park Road area of the town.

“The driver and his five-year-old son both received minor injuries during the incident which is being treated as a targeted attack.

“One man, aged 19, from Blackburn was later arrested on suspicion of Affray. Enquiries are on-going to locate a number of other men.”

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