Mini drones will be used by the Army to spy on terrorists inside buildings, MoD announces


Mini drones will be used by the Army to spy on terrorists inside buildings in a new multi-million-pound investment in emerging technology, the MoD has announced.

Troops will be provided with tiny eyes-in-the-sky to outmanoeuvre enemies, as part of a £66million investment in military robotic projects.

The Defence Secretary has said £31 million will be spent on the pocket-sized flying cameras to provide a stealthy way for soldiers to safely operate in difficult areas.

Systems will also be developed to bolt onto armoured vehicles, so they can be driven by remote control, and autonomous logistics trucks will be designed so that soldiers can be removed from dangerous resupply tasks.

The money earmarked for the new projects will come from the £160 million Transformation Fund unveiled by the MoD last year. The announcements signalled a shift in how the MoD intends to bring equipment into military service in the future, in an effort to take advantage of the rapid pace of technological change.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: “Innovation will count for nothing unless we get great ideas off the drawing table, into production and out to the frontline faster than we’ve ever done before.

“In a more dangerous and deadly era, Defence isn’t sitting around waiting for inspiration to strike. We’re seizing the opportunities to step up.”


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