Michel Barnier panic: Brexit chief 'losing French charm' as crushing reality derails EU


    Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice has argued pressure is mounting on the EU to broker a trade deal with the UK, and this is becoming all too clear with how the bloc’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier is responding to the latest round of talks. During an interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Tice claimed the EU is not used to not getting their way. He added, the new Brexit negotiation team is proving the EU will have to compromise and come to an agreement.

    Mr Tice said: “The EU have got a very good negotiating team.

    “They conned us into agreeing on a ridiculous sequencing process.

    “They have revealed themselves to be strategically very smart and very confident.

    “When things don’t go their way, and they are not currently going their way, they lose their temperament and get cross very quickly.

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    “The EU like to hold all the cards and have the upper hand, that is what they got used to with our previous negotiators, that has now changed now.

    Mr Tice also claimed Michel Barnier is losing his temper during the Brexit trade talks because the talks are not going in the EU’s favour.

    Mr Tice said: “Michel Barnier is suave and sophisticated with this French charm.

    “But he is starting to look a little rough around the edges and that is because things are not going their way.

    “We have always been a cash cow for the EU and paid handsomely, we have also always suffered a massive trade deficit because of it.”

    Mr Tice also reflected on how the coronavirus crisis could impact the EU and their attitude during the Brexit trade talks.

    He said: “In a sense, the stakes have got higher because of the virus.

    “This is because of the economic damage that has been done, not only Europe wide but worldwide.

    “A risk of further threats is now imposed on every nation.”


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