Michael Palin: Around the World in 80 Days star talks ‘worst’ moment ‘In a very bad mood'


    Sir Michael Palin, 77, has revealed how, after travelling around the world for 80 days, he experienced his worst day when he returned to London at the end of filming. The comedian and actor hosted Around The World in 80 Days back in 1989 after finishing comedy series Monty Python.

    At the time, Michael was seeking adventure after starring in the long-running show.

    When he was offered the opportunity to take part in Around The World in 80 Days, the actor jumped at the opportunity.

    However, despite the incredible experience, Michael admits there was one particular day that was tough on his mental state.

    He recalled: “The seventy-ninth day of our eighty-day journey was one of the worst. 

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    “I had so looked forward to seeing home and family again and yet when we reached London we found the capital in a very bad mood. 

    “The weather was grey and cold, it was Christmas, the streets were full of stressed shoppers and on top of that there had been a terrible rail crash at Clapham Junction. 

    “But worse was to follow when the Reform Club, where we’d started out 79 days and 7 hours earlier wouldn’t let us back in. I almost decided to go round the world again,” he added to the BBC.

    The well-travelled star also shared that he had not been on any major excursions until he reached the age of 45.

    The documentary host will look back on his travels in Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime.

    Michael has also hosted Pole To Pole, which saw him travel from the North Pole to the South through the USSR and Africa.

    This programme gave him an insight into life in the Soviet Union just before the fall of Communism. 

    He then went on to make Full Circle, where Michael tackled the entire Pacific Rim in a journey of 50,000 miles that took him through a rapidly-changing Russia and China, South East Asia, the Antipodes and then up through the Americas. 


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