Michael Jackson ‘told both his victims they were his “first” to make them feel special before he sexually abused them’


TWO men who say Michael Jackson sexually abused them when they were young schoolboys both claim the superstar told them “they were his first”.

In a TV interview ahead of the screening of the Leaving Neverland documentary, Wade Robson and James Safechuck said they felt they had been specially “chosen” by their idol.


James Safechuck and Wade Robson said the star told them both they were his first[/caption]

Robson, now 36 but just five when he met Jacko, told CBS This Morning : “The feeling was, ‘Out of all the kids in the world, here I am and Michael chose me’ and he also told me that, you know, ‘I’ve never done this with anybody else’. Wow. He chooses me and he loves me.”

Safechuck, 40, who met the pop icon filming a Pepsi advert around his ninth birthday added: “Yeah, I mean, it’s all the same. You know, he did the same thing to me, as well.

“It’s in the context of a loving, close relationship so there’s no alarm bells going off in your head or any thoughts like that.

“Really, it’s just, ‘I love this person and we’re trying to make each other happy’. And he said I was his first. But even as a kid, you don’t even know what that means. You don’t – you don’t even question it further than that.”

The Leaving Neverland documentary – in which both accusers appear – gives a disturbing glimpse into the lives of the former boy companions of pop oddball Jackson.

It has left audience members shocked with graphic abuse claims including how he allegedly gave a young boy jewellery in exchange for vile sex acts.

Robson claims he was molested at Neverland Ranch by multi-millionaire Jackson when he was just seven years old.

Safechuck – who was by the star’s side for much of his Bad tour   accused the singer of molesting him nearly 100 times in a 2015 legal action.

The Jackson family has denounced Robson and Safechuck as “opportunists” and “admitted liars” and in a separate interview said they believe the men’s allegations are motivated by money, something they both deny.


Safechuck met Jackson aged nine when he appeared in the Pespi commercial[/caption]

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Jacko with accuser James Safechuck at a party in London in 1988[/caption]

Michael Jacksonj
Michael Jackson, pictured with Wade Robson, now 36, has been accused of abuse


Leaving Neverland alleges Jackson abused boys – including Wade – at his ranch[/caption]



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