Michael Jackson ‘molested his maid’s son three times in sickening attacks then paid her $2million not to tell anyone’


MICHAEL Jackson molested his maid’s son three times while she worked at his Neverland Ranch, it has been claimed.

Blanca Francia worked for the superstar from 1986 to 1991 and later reached a $2 million out of court settlement with him.

Jason Francia at court when he was giving evidence at Jackson’s child abuse trial

Her son Jason’s allegations about Jackson surfaced in 1993 when the then 13-year-old told police the singer tickled him and touched his genitals, media reports at the time said.

The claims have surfaced in the second part of Leaving Neverland, an explosive documentary in which two men recall in detail the abuse they suffered at the hands of Jackson as children.

Wade Robson, 36, a choreographer says Jackson began abusing him when he was seven, and 40-year-old James Safechuck, a former child actor, says the singer began molesting him when he was 10.

Jason Francia repeated the claims at Jackson’s 2005 child sex abuse trial when he was aged 24.

He described how the singer began molesting him aged seven.

“I was wearing shorts. He reached on my leg and he reached up and into my privates,” the Guardian reported at the time.

Prosecutor Ron Zonen asked him if Jackson had ever done anything to make him feel uncomfortable.

He reached on my leg and he reached up and into my privates

Jason Francia

“I may not have felt uncomfortable at seven years old but when I think of it now I think that’s wrong, that shouldn’t have been done,” he replied.

Jason told the court, the first instances of two abuse occurred at an apartment  Jackson kept in Los Angeles, which the boy nicknamed The Hideaway.

“I was sitting on his lap watching TV he just started tickling me. I tickled him back and then we went to the floor, tickling still,” Jason told the court.

He said the second incident happened about a year later when he was eight-and-a-half in which Jackson tickled him in the ‘spooning position’.

“We were watching TV, lying down on a sleeping bag and Michael was pretty much behind me.

“Again with the tickling but this time it was longer but I wasn’t laughing as much. I was in front. He was tickling me at first around my genital area.”

The third instance included skin-on-skin contact, Jason said.

He told the court “every time I was being tickled there was some sort of exchange of money” adding there was an understanding not to tell his mum.

Blanca herself also testified at the trial and told the court how she saw Wade Robson’s underwear on the floor of Jackson’s room.

According to a Los Angeles Times account of the trial, she also said she saw singer in bed with the youngster and “both were nude from the waist up”.

Michael Jackson performing on his Dangerous tour
Getty – Contributor
Blanca Francia was paid $2 million by Jackson in an out of court settlement
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Blanca Francia worked at Neverland for five years
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