Met Office weather warnings UPDATED: ‘Intense’ lightning storms to smash UK amid 3inc rain


    Britons have basked in the longest period of sustained hot weather since the 1960s this month. But now many are seeing severe thunderstorms pummel their home towns leading to several areas being left submerged in water. Now the Met Office has updated its severe weather warnings across the UK, but what do the changes mean for you?

    Intense landslides resulting from torrential downpours is believed to have caused the deaths of three people in Aberdeenshire after a passenger train derailed on Wednesday.

    Several other regions of Britain have reported intense rainfall and flooding as thunderstorms hit regions of the UK.

    The Met Office has put five days’ worth of severe weather warnings in force for the coming week through Monday next week.

    The forecaster today altered severeal warnings removing some areas across northern England.

    However the Met Office also elevated the impact level increasing it to high, given the potential for exceptional rainfall.


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