Home News Met Office weather warning: Mid-week washout blitzed by 99F Mediterranean heat frenzy

Met Office weather warning: Mid-week washout blitzed by 99F Mediterranean heat frenzy


The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the North of England and Scotland, as downpours continue to drench the regions. But the good news for the north is that the lashing rains are set to start clearing overnight. A Mediterranean heat plume will follow, pushing up along the South coast through the rest of the UK by the end of the week and scorching many southern regions with 37C (99F).


Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “Most of us will see a spell of warm, summery weather later this week, with hot weather developing across southern parts of the UK.

“From Thursday temperatures will be in the low- to mid-20s Celsius for Northern Ireland, Scotland and north Wales, but it will be much warmer across southern and central areas, with temperatures widely reaching around 30 Celsius, possibly 32 Celsius in the southeast of England.

“It’ll be another hot day on Friday with temperatures widely reaching 30 Celsius, or higher, in central, southern and some northern parts of England. It is likely to be hotter still in southeast England where 34 to 37 Celsius is possible.

“Saturday will likely be another hot day for southern and central parts of the UK, with heatwave conditions possibly being met in parts of southern and southeast England.”

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The warmer weather follows flood warnings in the West of Scotland, with some parts of the area set to be drenched with over 90mm of rain.

The downpour has moved across Ireland overnight, and will also soak Wales and the North West of England.

Temperatures in the areas seeing heavy rain will stay relatively balmy today, with highs of 18C (64.4F) across the west coast.

Cold front winds will meet with a southern surge of heat from Europe, meaning the midlands is set to see more enjoyable conditions with sunny spells bringing 21C (69.8F) heat by 4pm.

Thursday will begin to cast aside the gloomy weather for the North of the UK, with the cold front losing out against the Mediterranean push.

The North West of England and Scotland will still see cooler temperatures and some drizzle throughout the day.

But the Midlands and Wales will begin to feel the 26C (78.8F) enjoyed throughout the South East and in London.

Friday will bring a mini-heatwave back to the South East, seeing sweltering temperatures climb to 30C (86F).

Unfortunately the Mediterranean plume begins to die out by the weekend, with temperatures returning to a much more manageable but still hot 26C (78.8F) in the South East.

Fresher air is likely to try to move down from the North West but there are some question marks as to how far South East it’ll reach.

Many parts will be dry with long spells of sunshine, although there is the risk of some thundery downpours in places.


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