Melania Trump vs Ivanka Trump: Does the First Lady LIKE Ivanka? True relationship REVEALED


Melania Trump, 48, is the wife of Donald Trump and First Lady of the United States. She is the US President’s third wife and only 11 years older than Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. The two are both said to be close with Mr Trump, but do Melania and Ivanka get along?

Does the First Lady like Ivanka Trump?

The two high-profile Trump women, who have given many interviews over the years, rarely talk about one another.

This may not be so strange, as Ivanka was already 24-years-old at the time her father met Melania.

Therefore, the two are not thought to have a mother-daughter relationship going.

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However, the Trump women seem to be on friendly terms with each other.

In a 2016 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Melania said of her husband’s grown children: “They are grown-up. I don’t see myself as their mother.

“I am their friend, and I’m here when they need me.”

Melania’s spokeswoman Stephania Grisham has also spoken out directly about the relationship between the First Lady and Ivanka.

Ms Grisham told Vanity Fair in May last year the two women do indeed get along well.

She said: “Ivanka and Mrs Trump have always shared a close relationship, and that continues today.”

This corresponds with insight provided in 2012 by Nicole Bryl, who was once Melania’s make-up artist.

In a 2012 Huffington Post blog, she wrote: “All the Trumps are quite family dedicated actually, they are a seriously close knit family.”

Ivanka has previosuly praised Melania for her motherhood, calling her “an unbelievable mother”.

In an interview with People in 2016, when Donald Trump was campaigning for his presidency, Ivanka said: “Melania is an unbelievable mother. It’s pretty uncommon for wives of candidates to not be on the campaign trail every day.

“And she made a decision I totally respect, which is that she has a young son, he needs stability, he needs routine.

“My father’s traveling so frequently, and she is an unbelievably consistent, loving and reliable figure in Barron’s life.”


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