Melania Trump bombshell: Reason why Donald Trump is 'scared' of the First Lady


    Melania Trump scares the President of the United States, and her husband, Donald Trump, according to a tell-all book from a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Speaking to Andrew Marr, the book’s author Mary Jordan told the BBC that Melania has far more power than many people believe she does. In the conversation, Marr and Ms Jordan discussed the fact that Melania exercised her power when she delayed moving into the White House because she was negotiating a better prenuptial deal with Donald Trump.

    When Marr asked if Donald Trump was scared of his wife, Ms Jordan said: “Yes. I think she has unique power of him.

    “She was the only person standing beside him, when he spoke with Putin at length in Helsinki.

    “There wasn’t even an American translator present.

    “She has been in the room for things where nobody else was there.”

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    The book, Art of Her Deal: Melania Trump, also reveals how Melania did not cry on the night Donald Trump won the US Presidential election, despite widespread rumours.

    Ms Jordan explained: “That is absolutely wrong. I spoke with those with her on that night and quite the opposite happened.

    “Also, speaking with her long-time friends, Melania does not cry. When she gets mad she just disappears.”

    The book also details a “striking” daily scene in the private residences of the White House, where Melania lives with Donald, her son Barron, and her Slovenian parents.

    The First Lady was “really, really mad” when she found out the details of his affairs and was “embarrassed” to see her son Barron was even reading about them.

    Ms Jordan explained: “Donald Trump needed her to back him up on those allegations of infidelity. She used that because Trump needed her support.

    “If she walked, and he was now a three-time divorced President, it wouldn’t look good to his supporters.”

    In a big departure from 2016, where Melania hardly featured on the presidential campaign trail, it is widely understood that Melania will play a bigger role in the upcoming election.

    Ms Jordan said: “She has said she will help fundraise and be more front and centre. She always calculates what is good for Melania and Barron.”

    Melania joined up her husband for his latest rally at Mount Rushmore, where President Trump celebrated America’s Independence Day.


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