Meghan Markle 'thinking of Princess Diana' amid devastating Prince Harry marriage warning

During the Royally Obsessed podcast, Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito discussed Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry. Ms Bowie questioned whether the tragedy that involved Princess Diana, plays on the Duchess of Sussex’s mind.   

Ms Fiorito said: “She really had no idea what she was entering.

“Even if it worked out perfectly it is just the life you know?

“You are just under a microscope, you don’t have any freedom anymore.”

Ms Bowie replied: “I wonder if in that ITV documentary that Harry and Meghan did last year Meghan mentioned that a lot of her friends were telling her not to marry Prince Harry.

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“This was because of all the complications of the Royal Family and joining the Royal Family brings with it.

“I just wonder if she was thinking of Diana when she said that.

“I am sure knowing what happened in that whole situation must way on them so much.

“I wonder if that is what she was referencing when she said that.”

“At that time it kind of redefined who a Princess is.

“A princess is someone who cares, not necessarily someone with blue eyes and that sort of stuff.”

She added: “I was personally sad when they left because for lots of people who had hoped for that difference and a new season, for a lot of people it felt like that season was over.

“On one hand, she is not a working royal but she is very much still part of that family.”


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