Meghan Markle given ANOTHER title in rare blunder as Harry closes Sussex Royal foundation


    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may have given up their Sussex Royal titles, but Meghan has now accidentally been given the title of Dr on Companies House website. In a mistake thought to have been made by staff from the executive agency, Meghan was given the title of “Dr The Duchess of Sussex”.

    Meghan was previously named HRH The Duchess of Sussex on the Government’s site, before her title was changed to Dr The Duchess of Sussex.

    However, the royal couple were requested to drop their HRH titles, before moving to their LA mansion, where they have been staying during lockdown with one-year-old Archie.

    Both titles have since been removed from the website, according to The Sun.

    A source told the newspaper: “I must admit doing a double-take when I saw Meghan had been made a doctor.

    “She has been called a lot of things but I had never heard Doctor Meghan.”

    Another added: “The Duchess is definitely not a doctor.”

    Companies House is said to be “looking into” the matter.

    This comes after the couple filed official paperwork with the agency to dissolve the royal foundation.

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    The couple appear to be shifting their focus to the Harry’s eco-tourism scheme ‘Travalyst’, which aims to help the hard-hit tourism industry survive the coronavirus crisis.

    On Thursday, Travalyst removed all references to Harry as “His Royal Highness”.

    Where the website previously read that Travalyst is “led by HRH The Duke of Sussex,” the title has now changed.

    Now the site simply reads “led by The Duke of Sussex.”


    “The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles as they are no longer working members of the Royal Family,” a statement from Buckingham Palace previously explained.

    Prince Harry has since honoured the pledge in public.

    Shedding some clarity on the removal of this title, the former Duke asked people to “just call me Harry” at his first post-split event.

    The announcement was made at a Travalyst conference in Edinburgh, Scotland in February.

    The removal of the “HRH” title from the website is the latest indication that Harry and Meghan are steadily moving away from the royal world.

    The couple are currently focusing on their charity missions and have been vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Meghan and Harry recently took part in a virtual conference focused on fairness, justice and equal rights hosted by the QTC.

    During their address, Meghan and Harry said it was necessary for the Commonwealth to undertake a conversation on its “historic injustice” and right its wrongs.


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