Meghan Markle fury: How Piers Morgan sparked fiery row over 'end of monarchy' claim


    In January, Meghan and husband Prince Harry made the hugely contentious move to step aside from senior royal duty in order to live a “financially independent” life. And despite formally relinquishing their roles, debate over their decision has continued to dominate headlines across the globe – with Harry and Meghan’s stance on the Commonwealth and the need for it to change, refiring the discussion. But back in January, Meghan was faced with a series of damning allegations from ITV’s Piers, including that their decision could spell the end for the Royal Family.

    It was the latest in a series of attacks on Harry and Meghan, but saw fans of the couple launch a passionate defence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, with many claiming Piers’ comments were “disgusting”.

    Appearing on the documentary ‘Harry & Meghan: The Royals In Crisis’ earlier this year, Piers challenged claims that Meghan had hoped to becoming a “Princess Diana” like figure.

    In a TMZ article, he said: “If Meghan Markle thinks she is going to emerge from this as some kind of Princess Diana figure, she needs to think again.

    “She’s going to end up like a mini royal Kim Kardashian with all the ignominy that goes with that title.

    “Already you are seeing a big backlash in Britain and the rest of the world really sees what it is, which is a power grab by two ego-mad, self-obsessed, virtue signalling ‘progressive’ young people who basically stamped their feet and the Queen rolled over.”

    However, Meghan’s fans were left outraged at the new character assassination and took to Twitter to back their favourite Duchess.

    One wrote: “Piers has been so brutal towards Meghan, one has to wonder if he’s secretly in love with her.”

    Another said: “@GMB This makes me so angry you should be so ashamed of yourselves. But let’s be honest your [sic] not our [sic] you cause it’s bringing in ratings and we all know GMBs slogan is ratings before rights.

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    At the time, a major row erupted over whether Meghan had been treated poorly due to her heritage, but the likes of Piers and TV actor Laurence Fox both defended the press’ coverage of her.

    He said: “Meghan Markle’s had exactly the same level of treatment as someone like Kate Middleton, for example. Good and bad in equal measures.”

    “If you’re a member of the Royal Family, you get acres of press coverage. I would say 70 percent of the Meghan coverage has been positive, 30 percent has been negative.

    “And she just doesn’t like the negative stuff. It’s got nothing to do with her skin colour, nothing to do with her gender. It’s just they’ve done stuff that the public, and the media reflect British public opinion most of the time, thought was wrong.”


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