Meghan Markle 'burst into tears' following 'over the top' Royal Family warning


    Speaking on the Royally Obsessed podcast, Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito discussed the claim in Finding Freedom that stated Meghan Markle was reprimanded for wearing a gold chain with two small letters on it, M for Meghan and H for Harry. Ms Bowie labelled the warning “over the top” and expressed her surprise at the incident. 

    Ms Fiorito said: “What I think was crazy was that immediately she was reprimanded.

    “She got a call from senior Palace aide saying wearing necklaces like that only encourage the photographers to pursue her and create more headlines.

    “When she was given that feedback she listed and just took it then she broke down in tears to a friend afterwards.

    “It is kind of like a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation.

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    “I feel like right out of the gate she had to deal with all that.”

    Ms Bowie replied: “I also feel like you have to zoom in so much on the photos to see the necklace.

    “So, I am surprised that Palace aides were so against her wearing something like that when you really have to look so closely to see it.

    “It is not like she is sending an overt message, her t-shirt doesn’t say ‘Harry and Meghan forever’.

    Ms Bowie said: “They were such a whirlwind romance.

    “The book talks about Harry being swept off his feet, it was so fast.

    “I can’t believe that the Botswana trip was one month in, I guess we kind of already knew the timeline around that.

    “It is just crazy that they met in July and went in August, so really only their third date was to Botswana.”

    Ms Fiorito replied: “I know he was so smitten, they were both caught by surprised at how quickly they fell in love according to the book.”


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