Meghan Markle and Harry shock: Couple's HRH at risk as 'royal titles have come and gone'


    In 1917, new rules regarding royal titles were laid out and many HRH’s lost their styles.

    George V issued letters patent that precisely regulated these matters.

    He specified that a certain set of individuals were exclusively entitled to certain styles.

    Mr MacMarthanne said: “An example of the latter being the dukedom of Albany, which had in times past had been frequently granted to the second son of the Scottish monarch, and after the regnal union of 1603, when James VI of Scotland succeeded to the English throne, it was frequently teamed with the dukedom of York.”

    Asked if the scandal surrounding certain royals could lead to their titles being taken away, Mr MacMarthanne said: “Royal scandals come and go, and over the centuries titles have frequently been tainted by the incumbents behaviour in their life time.

    “Such is the historical importance of the dukedom of York however, and despite the behaviour of any holder of the title, its use has prevailed, suggesting it will continue to be used in subsequent generations.

    “The view seems to be that the title is always greater than the holder, and any misdemeanours in one generation will not be visited upon the next.”


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