Meghan Markle and Harry charity hits back at claims over 'inappropriate use of funds'


    A spokesman who worked for Meghan Markle, 38, and Prince Harry’s Sussex Royal charity has issued a statement after the charity was accused of “inappropriate use of funds, lack of independence and conflict of interest” over payments made to Prince Harry’s company Travalyst.

    The Sussex Royal foundation and another royal charity, the Royal Foundation were reported to the Charity Commission by vocal anti-royalist and Republic campaigner Graham Smith.

    On Monday Mr Smith tweeted: “I’ve reported Sussex Royal and the Royal Foundation to the Charity Commission for inappropriate use of funds, lack of independence and conflict of interest.”

    In his letter to the Charity Commission Mr Smith wrote: “These two charities appear to be in breach of guidelines regarding the proper use of charitable funds and may be failing in their duty to act independently and solely in the interests of their objectives.”

    “The Royal Foundation gave a grant of £145,000 to Sussex Royal and £144,901 to a non-charitable organisation (Travalyst).

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    A source told that an “unrestricted grant” of £145,000 was given to Sussex Royal to facilitate the set-up of the new charity and £144,901 of grants were paid to Travalyst.

    The said that all Sussex Royal funds will be transferred to Harry’s sustainable tourism initiative, Travalyst.

    However, Travalyst was registered as a limited company on April 3 this year and has not been registered with the Charity Commission.

    A Sussex Royal spokesman responded to the accusations with the following statement.

    A Sussex Royal spokesman said: “Grants made to the non-profit organisation Travalyst are for the ongoing development of projects that will support communities, wildlife, and the environment through sustainable travel and tourism.

    “All grants have been made impartially and objectively, fully in line with governance requirements, and have been reported transparently in full accordance with regulations.”


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