Megan Barton-Hanson left with ‘massive moon head’ that terrified Uber driver during hospital dash after using supermarket box dye at home


MEGAN Barton Hanson revealed that her face swelled up and she could barely open her eyes following an allergic reaction to hair dye.

The 25-year-old opened up on her terrifying hospital dash during an appearance on This Morning.

Megan looked emotional as she discussed her ordeal

The Love Island star joined John Barrowman and Rochelle Humes on the sofa to reveal all about her ordeal in a bid to raise awareness about the dangers of hair dye.

Megan began by explaining how she had already had two treatments put on her hair to transform her from platinum blonde to dark brown, however when she touched up the roots with a shop bought hair dye that was when she started to notice the reaction beginning.

She said: “By 8 o’clock I had a sore throat and my face started to swell and I just thought ‘maybe I’m just getting ill or run down’, so I got an early night. I woke up at 12 and my hands were really chubby and my face was really swollen and tight.

“I woke up again at 5 and literally, I could barely open my eyes it was so bad.”

The reality star was on This Morning to talk about her hair dye allergic reaction

Megan continued to explain how she was left terrified by her appearance and called her mum for advice.

She said: “I called my mum and asked what can I do. I said I can’t just walk in A & E, if people see me this will be everywhere and we all know how much trolling I’ve had from my before and after surgery pictures.

“I thought, this is all I need now, me with a massive moon head!”

She said that she looked like a ‘massive moon head’

The reality star went on to discuss her mum’s initial reaction to her swollen face and revealed that she was left in tears as her condition worsened.

“She walked in and burst out crying,” revealed Megan.

She added: “The doctor- I must have been in the room talking 15 minutes and because my head was so heavy and tight I was leaning my head and she was like ‘move your hand’, and she was like ‘we need to call an ambulance’. At that point I was crying myself.”

Megan says that her eyes were so puffy that she could barely see- like this example by the presenters

Although Megan wouldn’t show the presenters any pictures of her face after the allergic reaction, Rochelle and John gave fans a glimpse at other members of the public who have suffered similar reactions to hair dye.

The photo they used as an example showed a girl with an extremely swollen face and puffy eyes.

“Does that bare anything similar to how it was with you?” asked Rochelle.

Megan had dyed her hair brown ahead of Coachella

Megan replied: “Yeah but both eyes were swollen, I couldn’t see a thing.”

As another image popped up, showing another girl with an even more swollen face, Megan said: “That was more me.”

She revealed: “Even the Uber driver was scared, he was like ‘what’s happened to your face. I tried to cover it with a scarf and he was like ‘what the hell’s happened to your face.”

Earlier this week, The Sun’s Bizarre column revealed how the Love Island star’s terrifying hospital dash was caused by an allergic reaction to hair dye which left her struggling to breathe.

She had been extremely blonde before
Splash News

Megan’s allergic reaction was caused by a brown hair dye, which she did not realise would make her so seriously ill.

A source said: “The night after having her hair dyed Megan started to feel unwell – she had an itchy throat and her eyes started to swell up.

“But the following morning she felt like she couldn’t breathe and her face had swollen beyond recognition. Megan was terrified.

“She was given treatment by her doctor but when it failed to help she was taken to hospital by ambulance. It was a really worrying time.”

Megan initially believed it could have been an allergy to nuts or shellfish.

But she later found out it was the hair dye that had been used on her that led to her falling ill.

The insider added: “Megan admitted afterwards she was terrified when she first became ill because she had no idea what was happening to her. It was really scary and a worrying time for everyone.”

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