Matt Hancock announces second COVID-19 wave rolling across Europe in terrifying warning

Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted the Government was continuously looking at the advice it was being given by scientists on coronavirus. While on Times Radio with Aasmah Mir, Mr Hancock said the Government was doing everything it could to protect Britons from Europe’s second coronavirus wave. He warned that if the UK was not careful it may also face the same problems that are being seen all over Europe.

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He added that daily cases were down considerably from the peak and the Government remained committed to pushing the numbers down further.

Mr Hancock said: “The Chief Medical Officer is going to set out more about this later.

“That will be about how after you have shown symptoms you still may be able to transmit the virus.

“Obviously we are guided by the science but I also want to take a precautionary approach.

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“This is because we can see a second wave in parts of Europe.

“We want to make sure we do everything we possibly can to protect this country from it.”

The Health Secretary noted the UK has had some optimistic news regarding the fight against coronavirus.

He continued: “The number of people in this country who are testing positive are much lower than it was during the peak.

“When we look at that I think the NHS and our members start to feel anxious.

“This is a time when the NHS is working so hard to bring back all the services that it paused.

“If suddenly there is this increase, it is going to be very challenging.”


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