Martin Lewis gives insight on ‘huge intervention’ from state – stamp duty rules explained


    Martin Lewis has made a career out of his financial expertise and diligence and as such, he is many people’s first port of call for advice. This evening, he turned his expertise to the new stamp duty rules issued by Rishi Sunak.

    Martin went on to examine some of the confusion that’s out there: “Lots of people misunderstand stamp duty because the way it works changed a couple of years ago.

    So those are the thresholds, the key thing to understand, is let’s say you’re buying a house for £600,000.

    “You don’t pay 5 percent on the whole amount, that’s how it used to work, you pay 5 percent on the amount above £500,000.”

    The Money Saving Expert went on to calculate how this would affect people paying different amounts.

    He also explained how the new rules affect those purchasing second homes: “[It’s] worth noting if you’re buying a second house or an additional property, there’s an extra 3 percent stamp duty at every level, including from zero pounds.

    So, if it’s a £100,000 property you’re buying and it’s a second home you’ll still pay 3 percent on that.

    Rishi Sunak made a number of announcements yesterday with the stamp duty update being the most prevalent.

    As he confirmed in parliament: “We need people feeling confident – confident to buy, sell, renovate, move and improve.

    “This will be a temporary cut running until 31st March next year.

    “And, as is always the case, these changes to stamp duty will take effect immediately.

    “The average stamp duty bill will fall by £4,500.

    “And nearly nine out of ten people buying a main home this year, will pay no stamp duty at all.”


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