Man’s double life was exposed when his TWO girlfriends met over his hospital bed


A CHEATING boyfriend’s double life was exposed when his TWO partners met for the first time over his hospital bed.

Kathleen Maloney, 64, had been in a relationship with partner Anthony for five years prior to him having a small, routine operation.

Kathleen Maloney

Kathleen Maloney, 64, was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Anthony for five years before finding out he’d been with another woman for 18[/caption]

Besotted with her “6ft4, extremely handsome” gentleman of a boyfriend, Kathleen described their romance as “like something out of a movie.”

She wrote in the Mirror: “He opened every door, paid for every date and after that first dinner, he gently placed his coat over my shoulders as we walked along the sea-front.

“He made me feel beautiful, showering me with affection.”

But despite their picture-perfect relationship, Kathleen admits she always felt something wasn’t entirely right when Anthony would disappear for weeks at a time.

Kathleen Maloney

She first felt like something wasn’t right when Anthony would disappear for weeks at a time[/caption]

However, he would always come back and tell her “his feelings ran so deep for me, it frightened him”.

The couple began planning their future together – with Kathleen even joining his church in the hopes it would prove her commitment and convince Anthony to propose after years of waiting.

Five years into their relationship, Anthony had to go into hospital for a minor surgical procedure.

But when he called Kathleen a day earlier than expected to tell her the surgery had gone well, she raced to the hospital two hours away to be with him.

And what should have been a loving moment for the couple instead became a living nightmare when Kathleen came face-to-face with Anthony’s other girlfriend of 18 YEARS.

Kathleen Maloney

Kathleen came face to face with Susan for the first time while their boyfriend was in hospital[/caption]

As soon as she walked into the hospital room, Kathleen says she could tell something wasn’t right.

She recalled: “Anthony meekly replied ‘hello’ but seemed quiet and cold towards me.

“He had never acted like this around me before and this was not the man I knew.”

And while she immediately recognised his son from all the photos dotted around his home, Kathleen couldn’t figure out who the woman he was chatting to was.

She added: “She smiled warmly at me and even got up to give me her seat before pulling a spare chair over and sitting down again.”

While admiring the view of Manhattan from Anthony’s window, Kathleen said: “She was easy to talk to and I instantly liked her.”

“Anthony meekly replied ‘hello’ but seemed quiet and cold towards me.”He had never acted like this around me before and this was not the man I knew.”

Kathleen Maloney

However, Kathleen quickly started piecing the puzzle together after the woman introduced herself as Susan – the name of Anthony’s ex-girlfriend he’d only ever mentioned in passing.

Kathleen added: “He assured me that their relationship was long over, telling me ‘I had no idea what happened to her.’

“I didn’t want to act too hastily but instead tried to make small talk with Anthony – who by this point refused to engage with me and seemed really tense.”

Aware that he was about to be caught red-handed, Kathleen asked Susan how long she’d know Anthony for.

“For eighteen years, she replied frankly. My stomach dropped.”

Kathleen Maloney

The two women bonded over their shared love of dogs[/caption]

After inviting Susan out in to the hall to discuss it further, the two women began unravelling Anthony’s lies.

“I told her how he often discussed our future together and how he had suggested we move somewhere warm like South Carolina.”

Meanwhile, Susan revealed that she’d been shopping for engagement rings with Anthony just before his surgery.

What began to emerge was a picture of a man who had played Kathleen into thinking he was “kind and respectful” but never failed to criticise his other partner’s “clothes, make-up and body shape.”

Kathleen Maloney

Despite his manipulative ways, Kathleen says Anthony always made her feel beautiful[/caption]

Kathleen then returned to the hospital room – without saying anything to Anthony – and drove two hours home again.

And just when she thought she was putting the whole thing behind her, Kathleen was amazed when Susan reached out to her two months later.

“She told me she had some more questions for me and I answered them all of them the best that I could,” Kathleen added.

But much to her surprise, Kathleen found herself developing a close relationship with the other woman in her partner’s life.

Kathleen Maloney

The two women discovered their partner had given them both the nickname ‘Bubbles’[/caption]

She added: “The more we learned about each other, the more we liked.”

Along with discovering their shared interests, the two women also found out that Anthony had even given them both the same nickname “Bubbles”.

But instead of driving a wedge between them, Kathleen said “little thing like that brought us together.”

Admitting that the betrayal was worse than she could have ever imagined, Kathleen concluded: “With Susan and her friendship in my life, I know I definitely gained more than I lost on that day in the hospital hallway.”

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