Man’s ‘appalling’ dating ad slammed – after he looks for a woman with an ‘innie vagina’, ‘C-cup breasts’ and ‘no cheap tattoos’


AN “atrocious” dating ad is being slammed online for its unreasonable list of demands a potential partner must meet.

An unidentified Australian man took to Facebook in his quest for love, reeling off a staggering list of requirements in his future lady.

The man’s dating ad has come under fire

But some of the bizarre specifications — such as insisting the lucky lady be between “43-47kg” (6st 7oz to 7st 4oz), work out regularly, and have C cup breasts — have ruffled a few feathers online.

The post was discussed on Mumsnet where users called it a shocking example of “casual racism and blatant misogyny”.

“What a racist and misogynistic f***,” one person fumed.

“I was distracted by his casual racism and his blatant misogyny, and his bizarrely specific list of requirements. A 40kg weight range?! Weirdo,” another said.

Others doubted if the unusual a, which requested “no cheap tattoos”, had much success.

People have shared their views about him on Mumsnet
People were not impressed

“I bet he’s been flooded with offers,” one user sarcastically remarked.

Another said: “I think we can all see why he’s single at 35.”

“I think he’s probably setting himself up to fail so he can continue with the women hating,” another person said.

However, one skeptical Mumsnet commenter said: “I feel like it’s been written by an ex-girlfriend to warn others of what a tw** he is.”

The photo is also being discussed on Reddit where views about his demands were much stronger.

“Dude’s 35 but his range is 19-23? Yikes, that’s so creepy,” one person pointed out.

This is unbelievably creepy. I feel like I need to take a shower after reading this.

A Reddit User

“This is unbelievably creepy. I feel like I need to take a shower after reading this,” another shared.

While one person declared the man’s pitch for love “downright atrocious”.

The dating ad — which was originally posted on Facebook in October 2018, but been shared in the forums overnight — started off innocently enough, with the singleton revealing he was a “35yo lost soul looking for love”.

However it didn’t take long for the mystery man to start revealing his wishes.

He wrote: “If you’re between 19-23, no taller than 5’1 (155cms) Caucasian or maybe halfcast something exotic, have a job, licence, reasonably modern car, regularly gym (no skinny-fat girls thanks), have an ‘innie’ vagina, C cup breasts, no cheap tattoos or face piercings.”

People joked the man ‘was a catch’

But his offending ramblings didn’t stop there, with the love hopeful citing any future girlfriend needed to make sure they had no ex boyfriends around, especially ones he may “know or know of”.

He continued: “You’ll also be willing to move to Canberra to be my girl, have a good personality and sense of humour, never get bratty or start arguments over nothing, and not be insecure when I don’t come home all weekend.”

The original poster also slammed the advert, calling him out for his “impossible” standards of beauty.

“The proportions he wants are literally impossible,” she said. “You cannot work out, be 5’1, have C cups and still be that weight,” she said.

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