Man United hero Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s wife Silje is mates with Victoria Beckham, holidays in Barbados and has ‘£3,000 skincare regime’


MANCHESTER United stormed to victory 3-1 against Paris Saint-Germain earlier this week – and man of the moment caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looks set to land the job full time.

But there’s a driving force behind Ole, 45, and that’s his wife of 18 years, glamorous Norwegian WAG Silje Solskaer, 44.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and wife Silje have been a couple since 1992[/caption]

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Ole is currently a hero at Manchester United[/caption]

The couple moved to the UK in 1996 and became best friends with Beckhams, put their son into nursery with Brooklyn Beckham and even started a property empire now worth £5million.

As Man U fans up and down the country celebrate a return to glory for their team, we take a look inside the lavish world of Silje, Ole and their three kids.

‘I went to football training to see her’

Silje and Ole started dating in 1992 after meeting in Kristiansund, Norway, where Ole was playing for Clausenengen football club.

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The couple met as kids when they played football together[/caption]

You might not guess it from Silje’s uber-glam appearance with her long blonde hair and immaculate outfits but she was once a footballer herself – and that’s how she met Ole.

Speaking to Se Her magazine in 2015, Ole spoke about Silje and said: “Silje was a very good football player. We often trained together when we were younger.

“Back in Clausenengen we had a kids’ football training group in the morning that I really was too old to go to – I used to go because I knew Silje was there.”

They briefly broke things off while Ole was in the military because, according to reports, Silje thought she had fallen out of love.

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The couple are pictured together at youngest son Noah’s christening in Norway in 2000[/caption]

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The couple returned to Norway to bring their kids up after Ole was finished playing at Man U[/caption]

However, they rekindled their romance soon after and got married in 2004 in Florida.

The pair then had a lavish honeymoon in the Caribbean, spending time relaxing on the beach and by the pool.

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The couple had a honeymoon at a fancy resort in Barbados after getting married in 2004[/caption]

Before their wedding, Silje said: “I couldn’t have a better boyfriend than Ole Gunnar. He is incredibly kind and thoughtful.”

The pair went on to have three kids together, Noah, 18, daughter, Karna, 15, and youngest son Elijah, 10.


The pair were guests at Posh and Beck’s wedding – and Silje sported a Posh-like hairdo[/caption]

David and Ole became close friends when they played together at Manchester United

Best pals with Posh and Becks

The couple went on to live in the UK twice when Ole played for Manchester United between 1996 and 2006, as well as in Wales when he managed Cardiff in 2004.

Silje became good friends with David Beckham when Ole was playing for Man U, and the couple attended Posh and Becks’ wedding together in July 1999 at Luttrellstown Castle.

Ole and David became pals and hung out together off the pitch as well as on it

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Silje watches the kids while Ole trains[/caption]

On the big day, Silje wore her hair styled in the same kind of spiky short crop that Posh wore at the time, with a smart black suit.

Victoria told Dagbladet magazine in 2001 that son Brooklyn loved nothing more than playing with Sillje and Ole’s son Noah in the Manchester United players’ nursery.

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Posh and Becks got married in Ireland in 1994 and Ole and Silje were guests at the do[/caption]

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Noah, the couple’s youngest son, attends the third birthday part of Brooklyn Beckham in Manchester[/caption]

The pair were also spotted leaving Brooklyn’s third birthday party at Manchester’s Film Works with son Noah in tow.

Posh also revealed that she “liked” the pair very much.

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Brooklyn was childhood friends with Ole and Silja’s son, Noah – they even went to nursery together[/caption]


The couple also attended the wedding of Man U teammate Phil Neville[/caption]

A keen shopper, Silje was often spotted in St Ann’s Square in Manchester – a WAG favourite, close to Selfridges.

Firmly in with the football set, the pair also went to the wedding of Phil Neville in the Lancashire town of Rawtenstall in 1999.

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Both WAGs sported a similar spiky haircut when living in Manchester[/caption]

The pair’s £5million property empire

Silje and Ole invested in a Cheshire mansion during his stint as a player for Man U, which is now said to be worth £4million.

The flash five-bedroom pad is currently being rented to Liverpool star Virgil Van Dijk.

The couple’s mansion was described as an “impressive and substantial” contemporary house when it was put on the market.

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The glamorous couple appeared on the red carpet last month[/caption]


Silje and Ole turn up to watch Man U play Tottenham at Old Trafford in 2010[/caption]

The grounds also boast a garage, an “extensive” rear garden, “sweeping lawns”, a large gravel driveway with plenty of room for parking and a front paddock with stables.

Since his return to the UK and with his property occupied, Ole lived at the five-star Lowry Hotel in Salford – where suites cost between £600 and £2,000 per night – whilst the rest of the family stayed in Norway.

Former Man U boss Jose Mourinho racked up a £779,000 bill at the hotel when he lived there for an impressive 127 weeks.

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Silje is spotted out shopping with daughter Karna in St Ann’s Square in Manchester[/caption]

The couple’s kids hang out with Cristiano Ronaldo

The £3k secret to Silje’s perfect skin

She might be 44 but Silje has the skin of a woman ten years younger.

Aesthetic consultant physician Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme at the Adonia Medical Clinic said that her secret will be down to a strict skincare routine and medical-grade facial.

She said: “For flawless skin with no pigmentation Silje will probably be having regular course of retinol peels, four times a year.

“Her skin looks completely poreless, which is probably the result of an advanced facial that uses a mix of micro-needling, microdermabrasion, hydrogen, oxygen and an LED light mask.”

Dr Ekikeme also said that Silke is likely to have botox four times a year around the eyes and forehead at a cost of around £250 each time.

She adds: “She will also have a daily skin routine, including a 50 factor sunscreen with retinol and vitamin C. The whole package will cost her around £3,000 a year.”

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Silje is 44 but looks ten years younger due to her flawless skin[/caption]

‘We wanted our kids to grow up in Norway’

The pair also own a £1million seafront mansion in their hometown of Kristiansund with an outdoor swimming pool.

In December last year residents erected a Hollywood-style sign in Kristiansund’s hills in honour of Ole that reads “20 Legend” – a reference to his shirt number when he was playing at Man U.

Silje and Ole have favoured bringing their kids up in Kristiansund due to the peace and quiet and lack of traffic.

The kids are known to be into football, though Ole revealed that his son Noah’s favourite player isn’t him – it’s actually Wayne Rooney.

Ole told Four Four Two: “Noah was only six [when he said Rooney was his favourite player], but he still knew how to hurt his dad.”


The pair own a £1million waterfront property with an outdoor pool in Kristiansund[/caption]

The area is known for its natural beauty, while locals like to take part in sporty activities at the weekends such as hiking, ice skating and yoga.

The best restaurant in town is Bryggekanten, a waterside brasserie that serves fish dishes with a view of Kristiansund’s harbour.

In 2010 Ole told Dagbladet: “The kids get a different upbringing here than they would have had in Manchester or Cardiff.”


“It has been very nice to see how the kids have it at home. It’s an upbringing Silje and I both had, and that was the main reason we moved home.

“Now friends and buddies come and knock on the door. It’s really impossible to put any price and words on how important that value is.”

However they will have to get their heads around a possible move back to the UK now that their dad is doing so well at Man U.


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