Magical pics of snow-covered mountain look like something out of a fairytale


THIS surreal looking mountain is just like a fairy tale winter wonderland after being blanketed with snow.

With woodland and even a weather station completely covered with snow, trees and other vegetation are almost unrecognisable.

Solent News

The stunning scenes were captured at Fichtelberg mountain in Saxony, Germany[/caption]

Solent News

The weather station and trees are blanketed with snow[/caption]

The stunning pictures of the heavy snow fall were taken up the 4,000ft Fichtelberg mountain in Saxony, Germany.

Grocer Christoph Schaarschmidt captured the incredible scenes after hiking through the deep snow to get to the weather station.

The 35-year-old, of Chemnitz, Germany, said temperatures had dropped to a bone-chilling -9C..

He said: “It was just incredible seeing the mountain like this. It was surreal.

“It looks like a snowy fairy tale world, I was pretty lucky with the light as well because the Fichtelberg is often covered in fog.

“I spent over an hour taking pictures before I finally returned to my warm car. Seeing it all just filled me with adrenaline and took my mind off the cold.

“Before this, I had only ever seen trees and buildings covered in snow like this in pictures.

“While the temperature was minus nine, with the wind chill it was far colder up the mountain.”

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Solent News

The magical pictures look like images from a fairy tale book[/caption]

Solent News

The trees, beneath the deep snow, are barely recognisable[/caption]

Solent News

Grocer Christoph Schaarschmidt took the pictures[/caption]

Solent News

He trudged through the deep snow to get to the weather station[/caption]

Solent News

Fichtelberg, near the Czech border, is the highest mountain in Saxony[/caption]

Solent News

The mountain was given its name thanks to the existing natural forests of spruce that covered it[/caption]



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