Madrassa ousted from secondary school following lesson telling Muslim girls to have children, not careers


IslamHood has hosted speakers including Yusuf Chambers, who in an interview in 2013 described homosexuality as a “sin” and said Muslims “ponder that issue with the gay gene”.

He spoke at an Islamhood event in 2015 alongside Imran Ibn Mansur. Better known as Dawah Man, he appeared in a video posted on Facebook in 2017 saying that You Tubers who were hijabs were “sinful” and referring to non-Muslims as “kuffar” and “infidels” and “pigs”.

Shams Ad-Duha Muhammad, who also spoke at the event, described homosexuality as “a vice among vices” in 2013, adding that the spread of HIV and AIDS were down to  “general moral decline”.

IslamHood’s 2018 Spring Conference featured Dr Uthman Lateef, who was dropped from a public meeting entitled “Are Muslims empowered by knowledge?” – organised by Education Aid for Palestinians (EAP) and sponsored by the Association of Muslim Lawyers in 2013 amid concerns over his views on homosexuality.

Dr Paul Stott of the Henry Jackson Society said: “IslamHood’s teaching on the role of women is sexist and risks girls never achieving their full potential. Langley Academy should have conducted due diligence at the outset. This type of response needs to become the norm across the public sector.”  

Mohsin Ashraf, founder of Al-Miftah Institute and IslamHood said the organisation “by and large” supported freedom of speech and criticised Langley Academy for not fully investigating “the circumstances surrounding how the speakers in question were invited” and questioned the extent of their investigation.

“A number of inconsistent and malicious claims have been made against the speakers invited by IslamHood and by extension, against IslamHood itself,” he said.

“Aside from single statements sensationally pulled out of context, we ensure a balanced viewpoint is always presented to our audience.

“These comments are years old, some were made over a decade ago, and there have been consistent clarifications throughout the years.”

On gender segregation he added: “We do not have any physical partitioning between the two genders, they sit in open class room although the females and males are more comfortable sitting amongst themselves. Importantly in breaktime they all play in a communal area.”

Admitting they had taken down some videos, he added: “IslamHood prides itself on upholding the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs in all our endeavours.”


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