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Macron panic: French president admits future of EU at stake as divided leaders clash


The French President claimed the Brussels project is at stake when his colleagues discuss the next long-term budget and coronavirus recovery fund. Ahead of the European Council summit in Brussels, Mr Macron said: “It’s an ambitious moment for Europe, we are living a crisis without precedents in the health, social and economic areas, which requires more solidarity and ambition. France and Germany have come up with an agreement. It was the base of the Commission’s proposal for the reactivation plan.

“And the next few hours are decisive to make this ambition possible and get everyone to commit so the plan and the budget can allow the social, economic and environmental reactivation of Europe.

“The European project is at stake here. I am confident, but prudent. We will do everything we can to find an agreement.”

Meeting for the first time since the pandemic exploded across the Continent, EU leaders will discuss proposals for a €1.074 trillion seven-year budget and a €750 billion recovery fund for the worst-hit regions and industries.

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