Love Island’s next recoupling is TONIGHT as the girls get the power in shock twist


LOVE Island’s next recoupling is tonight and the girls have the power to pick which boy they share a bed with.

As the Islander enjoy another evening in paradise, Maura receives a text which reads:  “Islanders. Tonight, there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose which boy they want to couple up with. #manofthemoment”

The girls will get the power in the next recoupling

The news will be particularly tough for Amber because she is currently coupled up with Ovie as a friend and is interested in newbie Greg – but Michael has once again revealed he is interested.

During tonight’s episode he will pull her aside and says:  “The situation that I am in now has given me time to clarify a few things in my head. It’s given me time to think and realise ‘I do like Amber’. I can only apologise about how I was over the last few weeks. I’m just letting you know that I do still like you.”

Amber is shocked by Michael’s admission and replies: “I don’t get it. If you liked me the whole time, why would you do that?”

There will be another coupling up this evening

She adds: “Would you still have done this if she [Joanna] was still here?”

The firefighter replies:  “Yes. I would have to have this conversation. I knew that I still liked you. I just kept denying it to myself.”

Amber reflects in the Beach Hut on her conversation with Michael, saying:  “I actually cannot believe what is happening! I cannot believe Michael of all people, pushed his pride to the side and said how he really felt.”


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