Love Island’s Maura posted weird messages about being ‘choked sexually’ Instagram


BEFORE entering the villa, Love Island’s Maura Higgins posted some weird messages about wanting to be “choked sexually” on Instagram.

The Irish beauty, 28, has been known for her openly sexual remarks on the show, and it seems this is also reflected on her social media.

Maura Higgins shared some weird Instagram posts before heading into the Love Island villa
The islander shared this post about wanting to be ‘choked’

In one unearthed post she writes: “True friendship is going from ‘look at these cute shoes’ to do you like being choked sexually’ in under 10 minutes.”

On other she says: “This weather may suck but it has its benefits. Who needs a knife when I can cut my own food with my nipple.”

Maura has been called a “predator” by fans because of her actions in the villa, which could be reflected in this post which read: “A good stalker doesn’t need to turn on notifications.”

This latest revelation comes as Maura was the subject of nearly 500 complaints to telly watchdog Ofcom after she straddled Tommy Fury and tried to kiss him.

The Irish Beauty also shared this one about stalking
Maura doesn’t hold back on Instagram
She has shared many cheeky Instagram posts
The 28-year-old model isn’t backwards in coming forwards

A staggering 486 viewers objected to her “predatory” behaviour, which saw many calling for her to be removed for “sexually harassing” the boxer.

The uncomfortable scenes, which aired last Friday night, saw Maura press herself on the 20-year-old while he was stretched out on the sofa.

He was heard saying no and trying to swerve the kiss, with viewers tweeting: “Maura is like a bloody predator. Forcing herself on Tommy like that is wrong.”

Earlier in the evening, Maura asked Tommy if he wanted to get “frisky” under the covers and admitted he gave her “f***y flutters”.

Hundreds were disgusted by Maura’s behaviour when she jumped on Tommy
Maura tried to get her own way but was knocked back several times


But red-faced Tommy said he wanted to “get to know her first” and would kiss her “when the time is right”.

Refusing to take no for an answer, Maura tracked Tommy down to the sofa, where he was settling down for bed.

The persistent 28-year-old, who works as a boxing ring girl, was then seen pestering him to kiss her.

A few days later Maura then made a play for new guy Tom Walker, and asked him on their first date if he “wanted to share a bed” with her.

Her “predator” actions were even slammed by Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan today.

The presenter, 54, claimed Maura should be arrested after she tried to kissed Tommy when he told her no.


Piers raged on Good Morning Britain: “What part of ‘no’ means no? What part did he not communicate there, it’s clear premeditated assault, she needs to be dragged out of there and arrested. That’s the new rule isn’t it?

“Poor Tommy, he looks utterly traumatised.”

He went on: “She’s known as Maura the predator. If this was a bloke she’d be out of there, arrested, career ruined. She’s still in there. Tommy looked like a victim.”



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