Love Island 2017 winner and West End singer Amber Davies tells all about the song that sums up a summer


THE summer of 2017 was the best summer of my life.

It was the year I entered and won Love Island, along with my then-boyfriend Kem Cetinay. Before we were announced as the winners, we had no idea what was going to happen – we really didn’t think we’d win. It was completely surreal and bonkers when we heard our names announced.

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During that nerve-wracking final, the song Came Here For Love by Ella Eyre was played. Ella actually came out to Mallorca – where the show was filmed – to appear on Love Island Aftersun, so she was a big part of the show that year.

The song is amazingly poppy, catchy and summery and it quickly became the anthem of the series. I remember watching the final back on TV afterwards and it giving me chills.

Now every time the song comes on if say, I’m out in a club, it gives me that familiar nervous feeling in my belly, reminding me of that incredibly crazy and euphoric time.

It’s an emotional feeling, because it takes me back to that moment and reminds me of the amazing people I met that summer.

It’s still an important song to me now because we’ve all gone our separate ways and many of us have taken different paths and journeys, but we all had this insane experience joining us together – not many people will experience that in life. I’m pretty sure the others would namecheck the same song too, if you asked them.

Because we couldn’t listen to music in the house – except for the parties you saw on screen – by the end of eight weeks in the villa, I was actually craving it.

My parents commented it was ‘like a ghost town’ when they visited – it really was so quiet. It made me realise just how important music is to me, and how it has the power to transport you somewhere instantly. And for me, ‘Came Here For Love’ does exactly that. Every time I hear it it makes my day.

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