Long-lost ancient Egyptian tomb of mummified couple with their pet dogs and cats and dozens of MICE found by grave robbers


A LONG-LOST ancient Egyptian tomb has been found after officials intercepted a group of grave robbers digging in an area of archaeological importance.

Officials found a mummified couple inside the tomb, buried with over 50 animals – cats, dogs, mice, birds and mountain goats.


The long-lost tomb of an ancient Egyptian couple has been found in the small, historical town of Akhmim[/caption]

The grave, in the small, historical town of Akhmim, is thought to be over 2000 years old.

The Times reports that there were over 50 animals in the tomb, including many shrew-mice – respected by ancient Egyptians because of their association with the god Horus.

The tomb consisted on two underground rooms, decorated with inscriptions, the couple’s names as well as a “winged sun disk” and an artwork that stated “Horus, Lord of Heaven”.

The couple were reportedly a pair of high-ranking Egyptian officials – a nobleman named TuTu and his wife T-Cheret Iris.

Archaeologists concluded that the woman must have been a musician, because she was pictured playing musical instruments in a portrait that was vividly painted on the walls of the tomb.

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities said in a statement: “The cemetery is in a good state of preservation and is characterised by the beauty of its engravings and bright colours.

“On both sides of the entrance, two scene of the god Anubis are received by Tutu once, and once again by Isretis, in addition to the trial scene in front of the god Osiris and the successor of the daughters Isis and Nephthis.”

Akhmim is a small, historic town on the east bank of the Nile River along one of the ancient trade routes.


The tomb is thought to be over 5,000 years old[/caption]


The tomb is decorated with inscriptions and engravings of Egyptian culture[/caption]


Historians believe that the nobleman’s wife was a musician, because she is pictured surrounded by instruments in some of the tomb’s artwork[/caption]


The tomb was found after officials intercepted a group of grave robbers who were digging in Akhim, an area of historical importance[/caption]


The husband and wife couple were found buried with over 50 animals – mostly shrew-mice, a symbol of good luck[/caption]

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Archaeologists concluded that the couple were high-ranking officials in Egyptian society[/caption]


The ancient tomb consists of two underground rooms, decorated with artworks and inscriptions[/caption]

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