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London travel ban: Can I travel to London? Downing Street warning


The UK’s capital as well as other cities could be hit with a travel ban if COVID-19 cases increase, Downing Street confirmed this week. The UK has slowly reopened following an unprecedented lockdown, which came into force on March 23.

Can you travel to London?

As it stands, London is not on lockdown and can be visited.

However, the Government’s new recovery strategy, which was recently releases, won’t rule out a future travel ban.

The ban could come into force if officials deem it necessary in order to keep the population safe.

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“We have opened up the economy and society carefully and cautiously, introducing COVID-19 Secure guidelines to keep people and businesses safe as they welcome back customers and staff.

“We have launched NHS Test and Trace, including the Joint Biosecurity Centre, which plays a critical role in monitoring and suppressing the virus, and we have sought to carefully replace national lockdown with targeted local action.”

It added: “For many people, life does not yet feel back to normal, but we have adapted our way of living to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

“Collectively, we have ensured the R number – the average number of people an infected person passes the virus onto – has not risen above 1, compared to its unmitigated rate of 2.8-3.0.”


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