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London stabbing: Man brutally attacked in street amid reports of huge 20+ gang with knives


Hackney police said a weapon was found near the scene of the crime and patrols are in place while the investigation continues. The male victim was rushed to hospital on Thursday night following the incident which took place in the early hours.

The victim’s condition is currently unknown.

A statement release by Hackney Police early on Friday morning said: “Police are on scene Broadway Market, E8 dealing with a stabbing.

“Victim is now at hospital awaiting update on condition.

“A weapon has been recovered nearby.

“Additional resources are in the area conducting patrols while we continue our investigation into this matter.”

A Met Police spokesman said one male was found at the scene in Hackney with stab injuries.

They said: “A crime is in place. Officers have not made any arrests.”

In a separate statement released on Friday morning, hackney Police said a Section 60 order is in place.

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“I was on the phone with my girlfriend and it was so loud we struggled to talk at one point.”

He added: “Around one hour later loads of noise outside, people shouting.

“I go to my balcony and there were youths shouting and two running fast.

“This was on Scriven Street and they were running away towards Kingsland Road.

“Lots of police and sporadic fireworks close by.”

The witness said the helicopters were flying overhead every night since Sunday.

He added how the helicopters made it impossible to sleep.

Another local resident reacted to the helicopter noises in Hackney on Twitter.

They wrote: “Helicopters overhead, the noise is awful.

“Every night this week late at night into the early hours of the morning. It’s ruining our quality of life. This has got to end.”

One local hit out at those complaining and wrote on Twitter: “Major incident in Hackney London. more than 20+ teens running/biking about with large knifes.

“People out here complaining the police heli is disrupting their sleep.

“More important things going.”


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