London marathon runners to be given edible water bottles as organisers vow to cut down on plastic waste


Thousands of “edible water bottles” will be handed out at the London Marathon for the first time this year, as organisers strive to cut down on plastic waste.

In the biggest experiment of its kind, around 30,000 liquid capsules made from seaweed are to be offered to parched runners along the gruelling 26.2-mile route on April 28. 

The Ooho! 30ml sachets can be bitten to release the liquid inside – which is either Lucozade Sport or water – and are fit to be swallowed, minimising the risk of litter. 

Pouches that are discarded can be easily swept up and are biodegradable, according to the creators.

They have been pioneered by a British-based start-up, Skipping Rocks Lab, which has already raised…


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