Liverpool confirm Jordan Henderson will lift Premier League trophy despite knee injury


    “Yesterday when we got the news it was a big relief for all of us. It’s not cool, obviously, but it’s the best we could get.

    “Hendo will be back. He’s a quick healer, he will be back soon.

    “It was an awful moment when he went down and left the pitch, we knew immediately. Hendo is, in German would we say an animal.

    “He fights with everything. If he has pain, he will never tell you. He can deal really well with pain.

    “In this moment you saw he knew something happen that shouldn’t have happened. We all felt it. It was a complete mood killer.

    “The boys came in, didn’t know exactly, 3-1, great, I told them winning an away game in the Premier League is exceptional for all teams in the world and it’s exceptional for us so we should be really happy about it and they were happy about it.

    “Then you realise, ‘Oh Hendo’s round the corner on a bed.’ Everybody felt for him – absolutely.


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