Little Mix’s biggest ever fashion fails – from crotch-less chaps to denim disasters


THEY are one of the most successful girl bands around – but while Little Mix has legions of fans worldwide, their wardrobe choices haven’t always been a smash hit.

At the Brit Awards 2019 earlier this week, the group – made up of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock – slipped on pink leather to perform.

Little Mix wore PVC pink to the Brit Awards 2019 earlier this week
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While some fans loved that they wear what they want, others weren’t so sure.

During their performance of ‘Woman Like Me’ many viewers took to Twitter to slam their daring ensembles.

One branded the outfits “ridiculous” while another asked if a vagina costume had been their inspiration.

Host Jack Whitehall also hinted their head-to toe Barbie look left him hot under the collar.

The band – who are believed to have made £12m from brand endorsements including USA Pro sportswear – have donned a number of adventurous looks since they first sung together at The X Factor Judges’ Houses in 2011.

They are currently dressed by fashion stylist Jamie McFarland, who also designs sweaters worn by Cara Delevingne and Iggy Azalea.

The group had a very different stage look early on in their career
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“We are currently designing their tour outfits,” he told the Daily Echo in 2017.

“It’s quite a task with lots of opinions and also lots of logistics to consider – like will the fabric hold out.

“Stage outfits are so different to styling outfits for day-to-day or for a photoshoot.

“There’s so much work and lots of people involved when it comes to the finished product.

“We dressed Little Mix for the red carpet and their performance, the outfits were unlike anything we or they had done before and it was such a large platform so that was definitely a highlight.”

Here are their most memorable looks from the last eight years – for the wrong reasons…

Crotch-less chaps and cowboy hats

Leigh-Anne Pinnock wore pink chaps and Perrie Edwards a black cowboy hat in the 2017 video for No More Sad Songs

Their country-style music video for No More Sad Songs in 2017 received a mixed response.

On its release, one fan wrote: “Anyone else cringe a little when Little Mix walk into that bar in their new video, dressed in chaps, bikini tops and stetsons?”

Another shared: “I don’t get why little mix thought throwing on cowboy boots and a hat would help them become big in america.”

Legions of leotards

The band (pictured here in 2016) are fans of a leotard
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The group are well known for their revealing leotard and thigh-high boot combos on stage.

But not all fans are particularly into the look.

One wrote on Twitter: “I adore Little Mix, but why do they wear nothing but leotards?”

Meanwhile, their Brit Awards 2017 performance drew one viewer to ask: “For once I’d just like to see @LittleMix not wearing crotch skimming leotards and thigh high boots.

However, at the Brit Awards 2017 they came under fire for their “crotch skimming” looks
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Perrie’s ‘Skin’ corset

Perrie’s ‘skin’ corset in the video for Touch in 2017 wasn’t entirely well-received

In the music video for Touch, in 2017, fans shared their confusion over Perrie’s ‘skin’ corset which she wore over a pink hoodie dress and with white thigh-high boots.

On Twitter, one person wrote: “Can someone please explain why in the little mix touch music video she is wearing a corset over a hoodie?!?!”

Another commented: “Perri skin corset in vid is 100% rank”

Jesy’s nude bodysuit sweat stain


For The X Factor final in 2016, viewers were concerned about the ‘stain’ on Jesy’s body suit[/caption]

The group performed at The X Factor final in 2016 – and fans were distracted by a mysterious ‘stain’ on Jesy’s nude-pink bodysuit.

One wrote: “Was that a serious wardrobe malfunction or serious perspiration patch on jesy’s crotch!?”

Another commented: “Oh lord! The camouflage crotch on Jesy of @LittleMix looks like a piss stain?!?!? Hav a word with the designer love?!?”

However, it was later revealed to be simply unfortunate placing of the leotard’s camouflage pattern.

Quadruple denim

The group performed in head-to-toe denim on stage in 2011
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Denim has become one of the band’s favourite fabrics – so much so they wore it head-to-toe in 2011.

For their performance, during The X Factor Live, they paired severely distressed denim tops, jeans and shorts with interesting striped hockey socks and trainers.

Clash of the titans

The band were less coordinated on The X Factor back in 2011
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In the early days of the band’s life, the singers weren’t quite as coordinated as they are now.

Their outfits on The X Factor in 2011, the series they went on to win, featured clashing prints, garish colours and back-combed hair – a far cry from the chic, sexy image theyusually opt for now.


Knee pads and gladiator sandals

At their own concert in Cardiff in 2016 the girls sported bizarre nude knee pads and silver gladiator sandals
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During their concert in Cardiff in 2016, the girls went for a silver Grecian look.

However, the nude knee-pads and silver gladiator sandals they accessorised with didn’t quite shine.

Red hot

At their 2016 Cardiff concert the girls dressed in some very raunchy get-ups
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The band have also come under fire in recent years for their increasingly barely-there ensembles – so much so that they were teased in their Strictly Come Dancing performance in December for “finally wearing clothes”.

Late last year, the band hit back at criticism they dress like “prostitutes”.

Writing on Twitter, one person commented on their skimpy outfits: “I’m all for female empowerment but why do Little Mix always feel the need to wear underwear for their performances?”

Another commented: “Why are little mix always in underwear on tv, I’m all about body confidence but it’s just so unnecessary”

Including one look that appeared to be very similar to lacy underwear
Rex Features

Yellow fur and fringe skirts

The band’s Power music video in 2017 was a lot
Vevo/Little Mix

The group appeared to have thrown on everything in the dressing up box for their Power music video in 2017.

From Jade’s yellow furry coat and silver thigh-high boots, to Jesy’s fishnet tights and Perrie’s boho-esque fringe skirt, there was a lot going on…


The band’s appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2013 was an eclectic mix
Getty – Contributor

The four stars seemed to have found it hard to decide which look to go for during Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2013.

Cue: Beanie hats, camo print, green hair extensions and goth-esque T-shirts.

Don’t glow there

The band stood out at radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2017
Getty – Contributor

For a sunny, warm Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2017, the stars ensured they stood out with fluorescent tops and leather…



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