Lion King Monopoly now exists and it even comes with a mini pride rock


THE Lion King is being given a Monopoly makeover as the classic Disney film gets ready to hit our screens for the live-action remake.

If Disney fans couldn’t wait for the new film – starring Beyoncé – there’s now something else to look forward to as well.

Hasbro has given The Lion King a Monopoly makeover

The classic family game has paired up with the Oscar-winning movie to bring us what is arguably the best Monopoly version to date.

The game follows Simba’s journey to becoming king, and the locations and properties on the board are made up of key moments in the film.

The classic pieces have been redesigned as the 1994 film’s key characters, including Mufasa, Scar, Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumba.

Hotels and houses are replaced by beetles and grubs, while the train stations are now a rhino, elephant, antelope and a wildebeest.

You can pick from six of the film’s key characters to play with

The utilities have been replaced by ‘advisors’ Zazu and Rafiki, while Chance and Community cards have been scrapped and are now Destiny cards.

The best bit? These cards live in a mini pride rock, which belts out classics songs from the film.

The game is launching just as the live-action remake hits our screens

Senior director of global brand strategy and marketing at Hasbro, Jen Boswinkel, told Insider: “We know fans love pop culture integrations with their favourite games and with the 25th anniversary of the original motion picture and the release of the live-action film in July, fans will be clamouring for ways to celebrate the classic movie.”

The game, made by Hasbro, will hit stores in June and costs £30.73.

If you want even more Lion King, Primark launched a homeware range inspired by the film.

But this isn’t the first Primark and Disney collaboration to send shoppers into a spin, with their Disney Princess fake eyelashes costing just £2.50.

And this little girl battling cancer got ‘tattoo’ sleeves of all her favourite Disney characters.




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