Line of Duty fans spot a spelling blunder – but they think it is proof Hastings is corrupt cop H


LINE of Duty fans spotted a whopping blunder in tonight’s episode – and are convinced it is a secret clue about the identity of H.

In a typed message from the inside man telling the Organised Crime Gang what to do, the person behind the mystery messages had misspelled “definitely” as “definately”.

Fans are convinced the misspelling is a clue

Viewers noticed the mistake but with the level of detail that goes into the police drama, instead of thinking it was simply a spelling blunder, they are convinced it will become an important clue.

One wrote: “That misspelling – an error, or “definately” a clue to H’s identity? #LineOfDuty”

A second said: “Anyone else itching at the misspelling of “definitely” on that conversation with the unknown OCG leader? “Definately” ?? Reckon that’s a clue to his/her identity??? #LineOfDuty @Line_of_duty”

Another added: “Ooh. Spelling. ‘Definately’. That’s important. #LineOfDuty”

Hastings was suspiciously using his laptop when the gang were contacted
Corbett and Lisa don’t know who H is

A fourth commented: “I thought that. Worth remembering. Jed doesn’t do anything by mistake.”

Elsewhere viewers were completely confused about what was going on in the action-packed episode as H was seemingly revealed as two people.

Two of the suspects for H appeared to be confirmed as the mystery individual at the centre of the Organised Crime Gang with DCS Hargreaves confirmed as corrupt and Hastings behaving even more suspiciously.

After the OCG raided the Eastfield Depot with the help of a corrupt high ranking police officer

Hargreaves was revealed to be a corrupt cop helping the OCG rob the Eastfield Depot

Oh Christ,” Kate said as she checked the shot man’s body for weapons.

But seeing a police radio, she realised the man was a policeman and pulled off his mask to uncover DCS Hargreaves’ face and she panicked.

As she fought to save his life, the OCG made their escape shooting out the police car chasing them with Steve inside and successfully fleeing.

They escaped with millions of pounds worth of contraband, but later after it was revealed Hargreaves had died from his injuries, viewers were confused about whether he was H or not.

Corbett shot Hargreaves, claiming to want to stop him getting away – but he later died in hospital
Kate was horrified to discover Hargreaves was corrupt too

One wrote: “Hargreaves … is a bent copper but not the bent copper .. someone had to tell Hargreaves #LineOfDuty”

A second said: “Hargreaves! Bit disappointing really, as one of the obvious suspects. Another Ted herring? #lineofduty”

Another added: “Too early in the series for Hargreaves to actually be H though, right? #lineofduty”

And not helping matters, Hastings’ behaviour in the episode became very suspicious with him looking striking similarity to one of the men going into the OCG’s brothel.

The man heading into the gang’s brothel looked suspiciously like Hastings
And he seemed very relieved when it was revealed the man couldn’t be identified


The head of AC-12 also suspiciously used this laptop while the gang were communicating with H
Hastings destroyed his computer shortly after he discovered the team knew that was how H communicated with the gang

And when the girls forced to work in the brothel were questioned they described him as having a strong accent that definitely wasn’t local, further pointing to Hastings.

More evidence stacked up against him when he was seen using a laptop shortly before the gang were contacted on their laptop.

He later suspiciously wrapped up and destroyed the laptop in a hurry for an unknown reason.

Fans thought his behaviour was a little too obvious for him to be H with one writing: “Oooh are we supposed to think Hastings is bad?! Maybe they should signpost it more! #LineOfDuty”

A second said: “I love the picture @Line_of_duty are trying to paint. Every time he speaks to the unknown caller, hastings is on his laptop. Definitely not falling for this! #LineOfDuty #H”

Corbett is convinced Hastings is behind everything
Unable to get to the man himself he went to attack Hastings’ estranged wife
He broke into her house and prepared to attack her

Another added: “Nah I reckon this ‘H is Hastings is too obvious’ could be a double bluff. What if they’re making it so obvious were meant to think its a red herring, but it’s actually legit. Will they really do this to us?! #LineOfDuty”

However viewers weren’t convinced but Corbett was and at the end of the episode he went to Ted’s estranged wife’s flat and tricked his way in before donning his balaclava and preparing to attack her.

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