Lewis Hamilton defended by F1 legend amid tax row: 'I don't know why people hate him?'


    Despite his six world championships and ongoing supremacy in Formula One, Hamilton has encountered criticism throughout his career. The Mercedes driver has had his tax record questioned at times because he lives abroad. He is among the UK’s top 5,000 taxpayers – but lives in Monaco while working at Mercedes HQ in Surrey, as well as pursuing other ventures in the US. Hamilton responded to this criticism in 2019, saying: “It’s crazy because every driver I remember growing up, watching Jensen Button, and all of the youngsters migrated to Monaco.

    “No one said anything about it at the time of course, but when I did everyone had something to say about it.

    “No matter how often you go abroad or elsewhere in the world, you come back to the UK and see the beautiful countryside, you see the great history of motorsport.

    “I see all of my family here, this [the UK] is where I feel my heart is.”

    Another British F1 star who lived in Monaco is David Coulthard – and he jumped to Hamilton’s defence – revealing his encounter with the Mercedes driver when he was just a child.

    Writing in the Telegraph, he said: “I admire how he lives his life. I do not believe he is a bad person, or there is any malice in his life.

    “I have gone through plenty of phases in my relationship with Lewis as he has matured over the years. There are still moments of him just being himself.”

    Coulthard spoke about meeting Hamilton when he was just 10 years old, and added that he wasn’t sure what made people hostile towards the six time world champion.

    He added: “There are still those who instinctively do not like Lewis. He remains a divisive figure.

    “For whatever reason, sometimes people take a dislike to someone and they hold on to it. We like some newsreaders, but for no apparent reasons dislike others.

    “But I firmly believe that even someone who does not consider themselves as a Lewis fan would warm to him if they met him.

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    Lord Hain told Express.co.uk that Hamilton is a proud Briton and deserves recognition for his achievements.

    He said: “Hamilton has a home in Britain, he pays taxes in Britain – he works around the world and he works in music and fashion in America.

    “But he pays tax in Britain – so there is no excuse not to give him a knighthood.”


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