Lawyer criticised after warning trainees never to wear brown shoes with blue suits


The ‘no brown in town’ adage has been the subject of scorn, sneers and scandal in City pubs for more than 100 years. Yet despite an increasing awareness of social mobility and social taboos, one top city law firm appears to have shunned such progress.

An unnamed partner has reportedly passed on some controversial sartorial advice to aspiring young lawyers.

Speaking at Thomson Reuters’ ‘Transforming Women’s Leadership in the Law’ conference at London’s Hilton Tower Bridge hotel  last week, the unnamed partner was reported to have told juniors, “Don’t wear brown shoes with a blue suit”.

The comments were first reported by Legal Cheek, quoting legal affairs journalist Catherine Baksi, who attended the event.

Ms Baksi tweeted that he partner, who worked at a top international law firm, was passing on advice to “unsuitably dressed trainees”.


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