Last Kingdom: What did fans dislike most about Eadith?


    The Last Kingdom is a historical drama series on Netflix, and it has just been renewed for a fifth season. In season four, fans met Eadith (played by Stefanie Martini), who was Aethelred’s (Toby Regbo) mistress. Fans have opened up about what they disliked most about Eadith as a character.

    What did fans dislike most about Eadith?

    Eadith was introduced in season four as the sister of Eardwulf (Jamie Blackley), and the siblings had been scheming against Aethelred.

    However, when Eadith found out how far her brother was prepared to go to find wealth and honour, she did not agree with him.

    Eadith ended up joining Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his friends and she helped them look after Aethelflaed (Millie Brady) and Edward’s (Timothy Innes) children.

    On the whole, she became one of the most-liked characters of the series, and she was appreciated for representing the empowerment of women.

    However some fans did not think much of her character, and they have expressed their views.

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    Some viewers were surprised when they saw Eadith choose to help Aethelflaed over her brother.

    However, they believe she only told the truth about her brother’s scheme when there was no other way out.

    While some fans saw her character arc develop over time, others felt she made a snap decision to help the Lady of Mercia for her own benefit.

    One fan said on Reddit: “She basically stated the truth when she was about to get killed or imprisoned for joining fugitives.

    “If she cared so much for the Mercian people she would’ve told the truth days ago when she saw her brother kill the messenger.”

    This upset Eadith as she had grown close to the younger members of the group.

    But one fan said she only did the right thing when she was “about to get killed or captured”.

    They said: “If she cared about Mercians she would’ve told the truth the moment she saw it happen so further Mercian people don’t die.

    “Or the fact that the brother killed Aethelred. But no, only when her life was on the line did she spout it out. She’s an opportunist, that’s how the show depicted her and her brother.”

    There is still a chance Eadith could abandon Uhtred and his friends to focus on getting what she wants.

    Speaking about her character’s relationship with Aethelred, actress Martini said: “Their relationship is like a game, they’re both really smart and they’re moving each other around the chessboard.

    “It’s an interesting relationship, in the beginning, she is charmed by him and really attracted to him, but then realises he’s actually quite dangerous as the stakes become higher.”

    She said she was drawn to playing Eadith as she went to drama school with some of the cast and fell in love with the series.

    Martini said: “I went to drama school with Eliza [Butterworth] and I also knew Millie Brady before as well. I’d heard what a lovely group of people everyone was.

    “There are great actors whom I respect that have been a part of it and continue to be a part of it.”

    Last Kingdom is available to watch on Netflix now


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