Last Kingdom: How did Magnus Bruun feel about playing the villain Cnut?


    Uhtred told Brida about Cnut’s lie and, in a fit of rage, she killed Cnut, with whom she had two sons.

    Bruun explained how he felt about playing the villain in the series. He said: “A lot of people see Cnut as the bad guy.

    “I’ve been asked a lot of questions about how it is playing a manipulative, evil guy but my honest answer is that I’m not playing an evil guy, I’m playing a very ambitious guy.

    “There was a lot of ambition back then, and it’s just a way to reach your goals; to get the power and the land.”

    In season three he ended up as one of the main leaders of the Danes, and he was planning on defeating the Saxons alongside Brida.


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