Labour activist who claimed Israeli lobby 'manufactured' anti-Semitism crisis selected as MEP candidate


He added: “I did not deny the problem exists within our Party, and I believe anyone who denies it is contributing to the problem. As we’ve seen from the figures that the Party recently released, this is a small minority in our Party, but they must be kicked out.”

The Sunday Telegraph can today reveal that three more Labour councillors and candidates have recently posted material which appears to endorse the claim that accusations of anti-Semitism have been exploited by the ‘Israel lobby’ and Jewish groups in this country.

In a tweet last week responding to concerns raised by Wes Streeting MP about voters being put off Labour by claims of anti-Semitism, David Sheard, the deputy leader of Kirklees Council, retorted: “Jewish organisations run a concerted campaign against JC [Jeremy Corbyn] and Wea [sic] Streeting is not surprised that it is working.” Mr Sheard did not respond to a request for comment.

Eleanor Tristram, a candidate for Stafford Borough Council, shared a claim on Facebook that the Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth was funded by the ‘Israel lobby’ and also described the Labour anti-Semitism crisis as a ‘smear’ organised by “pro-Israel Labour MPs”.

Ms Tristram also shared a Facebook post that stated: ‘The current antisemitism witch-hunt against Chris Williamson, Jackie Walker and others, and against our own Labour Party constituencies is a fraud … The attacks, orchestrated by the right-wing of the Labour Party led by Tom Watson, reinforced by the MSM, are not really about antisemitism. They are a cover for sabotage … These pro-Israel Labour MPs know that such a government would oppose attacks on the Palestinian people.”


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