Kourtney Kardashian slammed for posing naked to promote new lifestyle brand and encouraging women to ‘mask’ their cellulite


KOURTNEY Kardashian has been accused of ‘body shaming’ after advising fans on looking their best naked.

The Kardashian sister posed nude to launch her new website Poosh last week and later shared an article called ‘How to Look Good Naked.’

Kourtney Kardashian has come under fire after advising fans on How to Look Good Naked

In the piece the reality star shares her top tips on making your body look its very best, sharing a host of premium products she claims to rely on to do just that which proved hard to swallow for some fans.

However, it was Kourtney’s advice on cellulite that really riled her readers after she suggested it was something that should be covered up.

In the section on lighting, Kourtney writes: “It’s no secret that lighting is everything, especially when it comes to looking your best. Great lighting can do wonders for masking cellulite (yes, we all have it), and harsh lighting can do just the opposite.

“It’s no different when you’re disrobed, so do yourself a favor and set the mood by finding the illuminating situation that works best for you. Takeaway: candles are key.”

Fans were left outraged over Kourtney’s suggestion that cellulite should be ‘masked’
One described the advice as ‘staggeringly useless’

The piece was met by much outrage online, with dozens of readers taking to Twitter to complain about its tone.

One wrote: “Reading this “article” from Kourtney Kardashian’s new website Poosh. The article is titled ‘How to LOOK GOOD NAKED’ and suggests to change the lighting to mask cellulite.

“Why are we encouraging masking it? EMBRACE OUR BODIES, ALL BUMPS AND BRUISES. @jameelajamil, do your thing..”

Agreeing another added: “I know all celebrity lifestyle websites are staggeringly useless but Kourtney Kardashian’s Poosh is truly staggeringly useless.”

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Others pointed out that Kourtney had the disposable income to make sure she looked good naked

“Poosh.com is the least body positive website since…..?” tweeted a third.

Others argued that the multimillionaire had the money at her disposal to ensure she looked her best naked.

One tweeted: “How to look good naked when you have millions of dollars, best camera, lighting and makeup artists.”

“I’m sorry but this is the opposite if what girls/ women need. A multimillionaire with private trainers, chefs and unlimited budget for treatments pushing lotions and potions to young women” said another.

Fabulous Digital has contacted Poosh for a comment.

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Kourtney has been busy promoting her new website called Poosh, which is apparently about about ‘pooshing’ the boundaries.

However one website joked that the reality star was actually “pushing the boundaries of what Photoshop and Facetune can do” after she shared a snap of herself naked in the bath.

Many of Kourtney’s fans waded in with comments suggesting she had overdone it with the retouching and some insinuating that her face had been superimposed onto someone else’s body.

One fan commented: “I’m not sure your left leg is attached to you” while another asked: “why does Kourtney’s leg look so weird”.
One boldly told her: “The leg is spoiling the entire pic my pretty Kourtney, plz remove and redo, this doesn’t suit a celeb dear”.

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And a singer was left humiliated after she was “kicked out of a swimming pool” over her “inappropriate” bikini.



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