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Kate Garraway speechless as Ben Shephard makes brutal age swipe 'She passed it years ago!'


Kate, 53, and her co-host Ben, 45, were discussing the latest news millions of over 50s across the UK could be urged to go back to shielding if a second wave of coronavirus were to hit the nation. The extreme form of self-isolation was only relaxed on Saturday as 2.2 million people who were placed in the most vulnerable category emerged from a prolonged period of “hibernation.” When the ITV presenter began talking about the headlines with General Practitioner Dr Amir Khan, he said his Good Morning Britain co-star had cause for concern as he took a cheeky swipe at her.

Referencing the unofficial measures, Ben said: “It’s another big concern for Kate because she went past 50 years ago.

Kate was seen shaking her head with a slight grin on her face, speechless over the remark her co-star had made.

However, she wasn’t the only one who noticed the age swipe as one viewer wrote on Twitter: “Ben’s not far off 50 so not exactly a spring chicken #gmb.”

The mother-of-two’s co-host then continued.: “There’s been a lot of pushback on this understandably because in my experience, a lot of people who are in their 50s taking this seriously – they’re not the ones out and about.”

Dr Amir replied by talking about some of the other factors which need to be taken into account if new rules regarding coronavirus are enforced.

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The medical professional explained: “One size does not fit all. There will be some people over 50 with existing health conditions that puts them at risk.

“At the same time, there’s people under 50 who fit into that category as well. So I don’t think age in itself is a big problem when it comes to the age range of 50 to 70 which is what this is about.

“It’s looking at other risk factors which is what health problems they have, what social factors they have – perhaps looking at things like their ethnicity as well because we know that plays a part in the severity of the condition when you get coronavirus.

“So, I can understand the backlash if you’re a healthy and fit 50-year-old, why would you want to shield?”

Dr Khan continued: “And particularly if you’ve been working through the lockdown in key workers jobs – why now all of a sudden are you could you may have to shield?

“The Government are very clear in saying that’s just speculative, there’s no confirmation just yet but yes there has been a backlash and understandably so and from a medical point of view I think more than just your age needs to be taken into account.”



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