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Kate Garraway: GMB star recalls Caitlyn Jenner's X-rated shower admission ahead of reunion

Kate Garraway, 53, left fans over the moon that her I’m A Celebrity campmate Caitlyn Jenner, 70, would be gracing the ITV show this morning but ahead of her appearance, Kate recalled that the US A-lister noted that they share a deeper connection than any other presenter that may have interview her in the past. For anyone who hasn’t watched the show, they might find the admission quite risqué.

On Sunday evening, Kate took to Instagram to announce the big news to viewers that she would be reunited with her pal from overseas.

“My first breakfast on leaving the #jungle with @caitlynjenner – back then she joked when she next came on @gmb I would be the only interviewer she’s ever showered with!” she teased.

She is of course referring to their time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle where they had to share everything, even wild showers.

“She’s on @gmb live tomorrow & we can’t even be in the same room let alone shower together!” she joked, as due to coronavirus and travel implications, the American reality star will appear via video link to the studio.

Despite the X-rated comment – that will surely get mentioned on-air – Kate was excited to reconnect: “Can’t wait to catch up with her though & find out what’s going on in her world & hear her take on her son in law #kanyewest.”

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Since his recovery from his medically-induced coma has begun, Kate and their children Darcey and William, have been able to visit but last week she admitted it was a particularly “tough” one.

The ITV star said it was “extra emotional” because it was their son’s birthday.

“It was quite a tough visit yesterday, he has had a tough couple of weeks, and it’s frustrating,” she said.

“It’s Billy’s actual birthday today so I think I was extra emotional, because you think about the day he was born and Derek’s involvement and how much Derek would have liked to have been present, so it was very emotional.”

But she noted that despite her emotions, the doctors said that the fact “nothing has gone backwards and nothing has gone wrong” was a positive sign.

“So it’s a stable day, but I am desperate for a step forward. It’s always lovely to see him so it’s wonderful to have the chance to do that,” she added.

Since contracting coronavirus back in March, Derek finally kicked the illness but is suffering the implications from the virus including clotted lungs, holes in his heart and he is now diabetic.

Kate was told his recovery will be a slow process as the virus has “attacked everything” and doctors have warned her that he might never recover fully from the damage done to his body.

But the Garraway family remain strong and fans across the nation continue to send their prayers to Derek and his loved ones.

Good Morning Britain continues this morning at 6am on ITV.


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