Karina Vetrano’s killer YAWNS as murdered jogger’s parents brand him an ‘evil, pathetic coward’


AN EVIL killer YAWNED in court as he was branded a cowardly “monster” while being sentenced to life for murdering a young woman as she jogged through a New York park.

Karina Vetrano, 30, was exercising in the borough of Queens when Chanel Lewis pounced and strangled her to death.


Chanel Lewis yawned as he was sentenced to death in Queens County Criminal Court[/caption]

Karina was just 30 when she was brutally attacked and killed while on an after-work run on 2 August 2016
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Karina was just 30 when she was brutally attacked and killed while on an after-work run on 2 August 2016[/caption]

The 22-year-old was yesterday sentenced to life in prison without parole after earlier being found guilty on all charges including murder and rape.

He heartlessly yawned as Judge Michael Aloise told him he would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Moments before Lewis learned of his fate, Karina’s parents Cathy and Philip each stared down their daughter’s “monster” killer in Queens County Criminal Court.

Former firefighter Mr Vetrano, who found his daughter’s lifeless body dumped on an overgrown path near where they used to run together, said the family was devastated.

He told the court his “heart was ripped out that night”.

“That monster killed four people that night. One is in heaven, the others walk the street as zombies waiting to be with Karina again,” Mr Vetrano said.

“Only my faith in God and belief in heaven keeps me from killing myself for fear of not being allowed to see my baby again.

“There are no more merry Christmases, no more happy New Years, no more happy birthdays,” he said through tears.

“There’s no more pleasure in life. No more smiles. No more happiness. Those were all taken by that convicted, murdering rapist.”

Mr Vetrano also spoke directly to his daughter’s killer saying he had a message to deliver on her behalf.

“If you stand up in court and say you’re sorry, she will forgive you,” he said.

“Remember these are not my words. These are her words. I will never forgive you.”

Cathy Vetrano also took the stand and told Lewis he was a “pathetic, evil coward” who “carried out the work of Satan”.


“Chanel Lewis slaughtered me as well with the gruesome slaying of my soul,” Ms Vetrano said through tears.

“The second you put your hands on a child of God, you rejected the Holy Spirit and acted out as the devil.

“So repulsive are you, that you left her hidden to be further desecrated in the summer heat by bugs and animals … like a snake, you slithered away into the night with your secrets and lies.

“My hope is that you live a long life within the prison of the law and the prison of your conscience.”

Lewis had earlier confessed to strangling Karina to death and dumping her body in remote parkland in Queens.

Footage showed the slain runner’s parents and supporters cheering in court after a jury convicted Lewis of murder and sexual abuse.

Despite that DNA evidence and a taped confession, the first trial ended in a hung jury in November.

Philip said he felt “jubilation” after the verdict was read aloud in Queens Criminal Court earlier this month.

“Justice — justice has been served,” the grieving dad said.

Karina was just 30 when she was brutally attacked and killed while on an after-work run on 2 August 2016.

Lewis, from Brooklyn, was arrested nearly six months after the slaying and confessed to killing Vetrano, 30, during a videotaped interrogation by NYPD detectives.

In the confession, Lewis claimed he got angry with his victim when she tried to fight him off.

He added that he repeatedly punched her and dragged her into the tall grass near the jogging path.

There, “I finished her off,” Lewis told cops, according to the tape.

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Former firefighter Phil Vetrano found his daughter’s lifeless body[/caption]

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Lewis claimed he got angry at Ms Vetrano when she tried to fight him off.[/caption]

Vetrano parent's Phil and Cathy left the court holding hands after the verdict and said:'Justice has been served'
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The victim’s parents Philip and Cathy both laid into the killer in court[/caption]

Lewis claimed he got angry at Vetrano when she tried to fight him off
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Lewis claimed he got angry at Vetrano when she tried to fight him off[/caption]




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