Jokers turn bench at crossroads into internet sensation with 4.7-star reviews after it’s made into ‘historical landmark’ on Google Maps


A BENCH and planters at a junction in Leicestershire has shot to fame after people began reviewing it online.

Redbank Corner in Measham, at the crossroads between Burton Road and Tamworth Road, has become the centre of an internet joke, seemingly for no reason at all.

Redbank Corner in Measham has shot to fame after people began leaving rave reviews on Google Maps
The corner now has a rating of 4.7 out of a possible five

The spot was added to Google Maps as a “historic landmark” about a year, which opened it up to receiving ratings on the service.

But in the last few days people starting taking advantage of the system and began leaving 20 glowing reviews for Redbank Corner.

It’s rating out of five has shot up to 4.7 – that’s more than famous locations Alton Towers and Warwick Castle, which have 4.4 and 4.5 respectively.

Josh Wileman said: “Best corner in the UK”.

This corner is almost on par with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or maybe Stonehenge

Terence HarrisonGoogle Maps reviewer

While Sammy-Joe Andrews wrote: “Great corner to visit! Take a snack and enjoy it on the beautiful bench.”

Terence Harrison said: “This corner is almost on par with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or maybe Stonehenge.”

One reviewer left a five-star rating with the comment: “I love to sit on the bench of a sunny day and watch the traffic lights merrily winking on and off, sometimes with random beeping noises to help people traverse the width of one of more of the roads.”

David Thomas looked back on his past writing: “This really is the place to be, I spent my formative years visiting the site. Many a time I have sat there in the dead of night with a cup of tea and a mate.”

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