Jodie Foster’s estranged and penniless dad secretly died of Alzheimer’s just a few miles from her $15million mansion


JODIE Foster’s penniless and estranged father secretly died from Alzheimer’s Disease just a few miles from the Hollywood star’s $15million mansion, Sun Online can exclusively reveal.

The 56-year-old actress had a difficult relationship with her father Lucius Fisher Foster III, a World War 2 fighter pilot, who left her mum Evelyn not long after she was born.

Jodie Foster and her father Lucius Foster
Jodie and her dad pictured in happier times at the 1992 Oscars

Lucius died on October 8, 2016 at the age of 94 – after scraping by on just £127 a week –  although his death has not been reported until now.

According to his death certificate, obtained by Sun Online, he died from cardiopulmonary arrest and Alzheimer’s Disease.

He passed away at his one-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, which he shared with his most recent wife Madeline Leon, just down the road from his daughter’s stunning Beverly Hills mansion, which she sold for $14.9million (about £11.4 million) earlier this month.

In 2011, at the age of 89, Lucius hit the headlines for scamming $100,000 out of poor and elderly people for deposits on homes that never existed.

Jodie Foster
Lucius claimed he had not seen daughter Jodie for 15 years
Lucius Foster
Lucius Foster leaving court in Los Angeles after his fraud trial
Splash News

He was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment and served two.

After release in 2013, he spoke to Inside Edition, saying that he’d been alienated from his daughter for over 15 years and complained he lived on just $166 (£127) a week and was being kicked out of his apartment.

In his final years, Lucius lived with Leon at the Noho Senior Arts Colony, a housing complex for over 62s from the film and artistic industry, which features a pool, performance theater, arts studio and community program for residents.

He is believed to have turned his life around at the senior living facility and began writing poetry.

Jodie Foster and her father Lucius Foster
Jodie and Lucius are believed to have had a difficult relationship
Sun Online obtained a copy of Lucius’s death certificate

However it is not believed that actress Jodie reunited with her dad before his death – and the pair remained estranged.

Lucius also had little to do with his other children – Jodie’s sisters Cindy and Connie, half-sister Amy and elder brother Buddy.

His ex-wife Evelyn, now 89, has been suffering from dementia since at least 2013 when the Silence of the Lambs actress paid tribute to her mom at the Golden Globes.

Speaking after picking up the Lifetime Achievement Award, she said: “Mom, I know you’re inside those blue eyes somewhere and that there are so many things you won’t understand tonight.

“But this is the only important one to take in: I love you, I love you, I love you.”

Lucius Foster apartment
Lucius spent his last days in this senior living apartment complex in Hollywood
Chris White for Sun Online
Jodie Foster
Jodie’s mum also suffers from dementia

Lucius had previously claimed he divorced Evelyn because she was a lesbian and they briefly reunited only so that she could have another child – and that’s when Jodie, real name, Alicia, was conceived.

But Lucius barely had any input in her childhood, with Evelyn raising the kids alongside her gay partner, according to brother Buddy’s autobiography Foster Child, which was published in 1997.

“I grew up with two gay parents,” Buddy said. “I had my Aunt Jo and my mother.”

The book, which also outed his sister as gay, caused a huge rift with his famous sibling, who said at the time he was a “distant acquaintance” motivated by sour grapes and greed.

Buddy retired from the spotlight not long after to set up a construction firm in Duluth, Minnesota, where he still lives today.

He split up from his wife Stacy Solon Foster and they were embroiled in a bitter eight-year child custody battle up until 2011, according to documents filed with Minnesota court records.

In 1997, the 61-year-old was convicted of domestic assault and given 30 days probation and a $200 fine. Since then, he’s run up numerous traffic misdemeanors.

Buddy has also faced eight lawsuits in the 2000s for owing tens of thousands to banks and property companies, chiefly, through his building firm Foster & Solon Construction.

Sun Online reached out to representatives for the actress for comment.


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