Jeremy Vine hits out at 'bl**dy punishing routine' to film BBC quiz show Eggheads


    The BBC Radio 2 and Channel 5 presenter has detailed how “punishing” the filming schedule for Eggheads could be and what he did on his days off in Glasgow. Speaking about working on the show, Jeremy Vine slammed how tough it could be to get through.

    Jeremy has hosted Eggheads, which is currently on a “rest” from filming, since 2014. 

    The show is much-loved by BBC viewers but Jeremy has detailed the “bloody punishing routine” he has to follow to make the series. 

    He told Radio Times: “Recording Eggheads was a bloody punishing routine.

    “You started at 8am and finished around 8pm but, because of the efficiencies of TV, you’d do five shows a day for 14 days straight, with one day off in the middle.”

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    “I always think that radio is the emotional medium,” the host added.

    “With TV you get a big splash and a lot of colour and excitement but it’s the radio where you’re really touched… 

    “You’ve made me think about this for the first time, but maybe a novel is where you combine the two. 

    “I do think you need some graphic excitement going on, but you also need something real at the heart of it.”


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